Winter Warmer  Sun 2nd Dec 2:30 til 5:30pm - Music, fire, lanterns and warming beverages and food.


was held Thursday. 15that 7pm

IMPORTANT have your say. everyone is invited. The AGM will take place Thursday 15th November at the at 7pm, Southover St. Brighton.. have your say over for example. why not even join the committee & Autumn Social
Thu 15th Nov 2018, 7.00 – 10.30
Reviewing the last year and planning the next year of community activities in the Patch

7.00-7.30pm: Welcome drinks & food

7:30-9:00pm: A.G.M.
1. Introductions & apologies
2. Minutes of last year’s AGM
3. Review of 2018
4. Financial report: End of Year Accounts + Financial Update
5. Planning the year ahead (2019)
   a) 150th anniversary of the Kemp Town Branch Line
   b) Events: Agreeing events and dates. Proposals inc Patch Ceilidh (Sat 27 Apr) Spring in Patch (Sun 28 Apr), PatchFest (Sat 13 July), Patch Winter Warmer (Sun 1 Dec 2019)
6. Gym equipment
7. Patch portaloo + future compost loo (May – Sep?)
8. Thanks to 2018 committee & Electing new team for 2019
9:30 – 10:30pm: Autumn Social

WINTER WARMER date announced
December 2nd 2018 starting 2.30pm

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The Friends of William Clarke Park is a not-for-profit community organisation with a mission to improve a small green space (also known as "The Patch") situated in the Hanover and Elm Grove ward of Brighton and Hove and promote it as a focus for local community life.

We are dedicated to making the space a cleaner and safer environment for all local people to enjoy and to create events to bring the community together.

We aim to:

  • protect & promote the park in its role as a green space and a focus for local community life
  • organise events (This year - 'Spring in the Patch' 21st April 07, 'Patchfest' 14th July 07 & 'Patch Winter Warmer' 9th Dec 07).
  • improve the access, play & recreational facilities (e.g. we’re liaising with the City Council to produce a Park Development Plan. In 2005-6 we successfully campaigned for new playground equipment)
  • work to protect & enhance the natural environment & wild-life habitats (our wild-life group have surveyed the wild-life, put up bird-boxes and this year are planting wild flowers & shrubs and building a pond)
  • facilitate good relations between park users and the wider community (we’re building links with local residents, schools, Wellington House Day Ctr, Old Viaduct Court Residents and local businesses)  

We welcome new members and have several working groups, focusing on different aspects of the above, where new members can participate. If you are interested in getting involved or being kept informed, please get in touch and we can send you a membership form. 

Any donations of time, skills, money or resources are welcomed.

The Patch Is located in Hanover / Elm Grove Area of Brighton ( BN2 3AR)
Entrance to the park is from Picton street / Franklin Street or Hartington road.