January 2021

FWCP have received funding from the Chalk Cliff Trust to install a state of the art compost tumbler as part of the community composting project in the Patch. It also includes some funding to kick start an urban small growing project in the Patch.

The Tumbler is to be provided through the amazing Old Tree Community Composting Club, similar to the one pictured.

Alex, a FWCP committee member said  "I have been tumbling my compost for 3 months now down at Albion St community gardens
It's fun, it feels so good turning that handle, looking at those worms feeling that heat. And my garden will receive sixty litres from it soon in Spring.
I just fill the white bucket that Old tree supply and take it there when full.  I add some of the sawdust they leave out for us, unlock the padlock and improve my biceps costs just £1.60 a month...  It's all local, is cheap and more and more are being installed ....don't forget Old Tree make fab Kombucha; apple cider vinegar and other botanical and fermented beverages good for our guts."

Other projects the FWCP are looking into are for a permanent table tennis table and perhaps even a trampoline!

The Patch Pond

Whilst there may be few events taking place in the Park these days, our wonderful volunteers are taking action on a number of things.

Firstly, we have had a few issues with The Patch pond.  The weather has damaged its water supply pipe.  Also rubbish accumulates in the pond, which has led to its lining being damaged.  Our volunteers are on the case, there are plans to install a more robust lining.  This is a bit tricky at the moment since the COVID-19 constraints on working in teams at the current time, so please bear with the team.  Here's a shot of the damaged water inlet pipe  frown


The Patch is blessed with some charming cheeky wildlife, from badgers, bats and of course foxes.  Patch folk may be familiar with the cheeky fox family cavorting around the northern part of The Patch, owning it, even in daylight hours! 

Well, as we all know foxes, particularly urban ones are susceptible to mange.  One of The Patch foxes is afflicted with mange so our volunteers took action.  The beautiful but mange infested Patch vixen, who it transpires has captured the hearts and affection of many Patch neighbours.  One of our volunteers made contact with Roger's Wildlife Rescue.  Their crew was able to provide proper treatment via a once a weekly dose of medicine laced meat. She's had her third out of four weekly doses, which should hopefully clear the mange up. Meanwhile a group of volunteers and concerned locals are feeding "Foxy" the vixen to help her gain weight, she was painfully thin, to aid her recovery and of course to help ensure that the treatment can be administered at required regular intervals.

The treatment is issued carefully, only to "Foxy" on a disposable paper plate.  It is removed immediately afterwards to ensure that no other animal can ingest the treatment. 

Initial reports are that Foxy was so weak and listless and that she just ate a bit of the laced food and then sat down. We look forward to the day that Foxy scarpers at the sight of The Patch volunteers and her other fans because she's back on form.

Roger's Wildlife Rescue is doing great work for local wildlife.  Their services are under heavy demand, so why not take a look at their page to help out with material donations and financial ones if you can.  Enjoy the rest of the summer Patch fans!  Also why not consider joining Roger's World Club, a great gift for someone.

Foxy, The Patch Vixen
Foxy, The Patch Vixen

Ceilidh and Spring in the Patch

The Spring in the patch event is cancelled.  The Ceildih is postponed until later in the year.  In response to government advice to avoid all group gatherings, it is with great sadness that we have made these decisions.

We will keep you informed of any plans for this year.

Patch Spring Clean

Patch Work volunteering day Sunday 8th March 11am.  Volunteering to clear up and manage growth.  There will be a tree planting, in dedication to John Cuthbert, a legendary Patch committee member and volunteer.  Soup will be available for clear up team.

John Cuthbert at his one of his finest PatchFest Moments..

The Patch Is located in Hanover / Elm Grove Area of Brighton ( BN2 3AR)
Entrance to the park is from Picton street / Franklin Street or Hartington road.