Stall holder Terms & Conditions 

Thank you for your interest in booking a stall at Patch Event, one of our annual celebrations in the local community.  As part of this we value the effort that all our stallholders make to bring some local flavour while adding to the vibrancy of the event. 

We aim to be a low impact and environmentally sustainable event, so we appreciate stalls which minimise waste and which encourage reuse and recycling. 

Patch Events are volunteer-run, not-for-profit. However,  it still costs over £2,000 for example Spring in The Patch to put on. We rely on contributions from you and other stall-holders to cover about 20% of that (the rest comes from donations, small grants and our FWCP-run Beer Tent & Tea Tent.

We’d be grateful if you could check and abide by the following terms and conditions to help us with the smooth running of the event. Thank you for your cooperation and support!

  1. Stall bookings should be made in writing using the appropriate stall application form, along with payment (payment can be made by PayPal - see the top right hand side of News).  Alternatively you can pay on the day before you set up your stall.  We now accept card payments, head to the bar to make the payment on one of their card machines.
  2. Stall charges: Stalls may be paid for in advance or on the day, see the prices on the stall booking form at Stall Booking Form
    Catering stalls are £75 (or in some cases, where negotiated, £24 plus £15% of the value of sales or by supplying meals of £75 value – in exchange for tokens - for the volunteer team. 
  3. Table hire: tables can booked in advance or arranged on the day subject to availability. You may bring your own sturdy table (NOTE: Folding tables must be of robust and stable design and not prone to collapsing when moderate pressure is applied).
  4. Electricity: We can hook your stall up to an electricity supply for an additional charge.  Please note that electrical appliances and cables should be in safe working order.  If judged unsafe by our site electrician, we may insist that they cannot be used on site.
  5. Food hygiene: Gloves must be worn when serving unwrapped food unless your stall has a hot water hand-wash facility.
  6.  Minimising waste: Friends of William Clarke Park are committed to minimising the amount of waste that our events create – we will be separating waste on site into cans, glass, paper and organic waste for recycling or composting. Please do not bring items on to the site that cannot be reused, recycled or composted.  E.g. cutlery, used by stalls should be reusable metal or plastic (not disposable plastic) or wood.  Cups and plates should be reusable or made from a compostable material. PLEASE NO POLYSTYRENE DISPOSABLE CONTAINERS
  7. Set-up: Stallholders may set up from 10am on the day of the event and should report to the Stall Co-ordinator on arrival. Ask at the information point.
  8. Vehicles may be used to deliver your stall. However, all vehicles must be removed from the site by noon unless a vehicle is integral to your stall and you have  permission from our stalls co-ordinator or event coordinator.
  9. Structures: You are responsible for ensuring that your structures and any equipment is safe and properly secured.
  10. Health & safety: All stalls will be inspected to satisfy our health and safety standards during the event. If your stall structures, tables, other equipment or arrangements are considered by our Health and Safety officer to be unsafe or a danger to public health we reserve the right to ask you to modify or dismantle it.

For further information contact our Stalls Co-ordinator 

Further information about The Patch at 

Patch Winter Warmer

Patch Winter Warmer, where there will be live music, lights and lantern making in William Clarke Park (The Patch). There will a bar, with hot food and fires to keep folk cosy. A festive family event, coinciding with the Hanover Advent Calendar on Picton Street the same day.

Taking place on Sunday 3rd December from 3pm until 6pm.



Start of the event

3.30 The Jazz Hippies

4:30 Free Brighton Choir

5:15 MY Heathen Family

5pm Storytime by the fire with Jon the storyteller

The Patch Is located in Hanover / Elm Grove Area of Brighton ( BN2 3AR)
Entrance to the park is from Picton street / Franklin Street or Hartington road.

Committee elected at last patch 2017 AGM

FWCP Committee (13)
Elected AGM - 16 Nov 2017
Co-Secretary + Events support
Events support inc PatchFest Lower Stage co-ord
Chair +Events Co-ordinator inc PatchFest co-ord & logistics
Events support inc. Patchfest stalls co-ord support
Treasurer + Patchfest volunteer recruitment & flyer distrib
Events support inc. Patchfest BBQ co-ord
Events support inc Patchfest stalls co-ord
Wildlife Grp + Events support inc. Beer Tent co-ord at Patchfest & other events
Events support inc Patchfest Lower Tea Tent Co-ord + Community Compost
Events support, inc. Patchfest BBQ co-ord support
Co-secretary + Events support inc. Patchfest Beer Tent co-ord support
Vanessa ('Ness')
Events support & Pottery workshops
*Newly elected at Nov2017 AGM