The Patch was the subject of a wide range of improvements in 2017 following two years of planning, consultation and development.

Works were carried out for the benefit and enjoyment of all users of the park, achieved through FWCP working with the city council to secure £63,000 worth of developer contributions ('Section 106' monies) for our green space.

The following improvements were implemented:

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A FWCP sub-group was set up to work towards a Park Development Plan. The Improvement Group will draw together new and existing ideas and liaise with Council Staff to improve the Patch for local people (particularly young people and elderly residents) and ensure these are compatable with improving the space as a wildlife habitat as well as the needs of immediate neighbours, schools and other existing users. All FWCP members are welcome to get involved.

At the FWCP AGM in September 2006 members agreed that they would like to see FWCP work (with the City Council) to produce a development plan for the park. The new FWCP committee met on 2nd November and established a FWCP Patch Improvement Group (PIG) , replacing the Playground & Tarmac Groups, to work closely with the FWCP Wildlife Group & City Council staff (Environmental Improvement Team & Parks) as well as other stakeholders (3 schools & Old Viaduct Court) to realise a Development Plan. It was noted at the AGM that some initial work had already been done which indicates a number of issues and ideas. This issue-scoping work included:

From these and other discussions & feedback, a number of ideas and issues have emerged which may help inform thinking around future improvements. These could be summarised as follows: